Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tips for sound sleep

Not everyone can have good sleep quality. 13 Consider the following suggestions so you can sleep soundly, so fresh and rested when you wake up.

1. Find peace and tranquility at the time before bedtime.
To be able to sleep quickly and soundly through the night, was the body requires preparation. How can sleep well when your body and mind is not prepared for it? The first step is to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Leave a problem that cost you that day. Lighten the mind and body with a fun activity.

If the atmosphere is not bad or noisy neighbors, try you out of the room and find the most comfortable place to sit. Calm your heart and mind so as not disturbed by the situation.
You can also try to read to relax. Choose a mild reading so as not to draw attention and even made up.
Watching TV? Why not! But choose a relaxed program.
Listening to music is also highly recommended. Once again, choose a soothing light music.
Try to meditate or pray. This would reconcile the hearts and minds.
If you prefer, you can also warm bath or ask for a light massage.

2. Make your bedtime ritual.
This ritual is necessary to signal the body that now is time for bed. Of the ritual is up to you. For example, at certain hours you lock all doors, turn off the lights, cleaning up in the bathroom, wearing a night cream, gantu clothes, then climbed into bed. If the ritual is performed every day, your body will know when to sleep.

3. Do not go to sleep when angry.
If you go to bed still angry, believe me, your bed will be thinking about arguments and strategies counterattack. Too often people make the bed as an arena for solving problems. In fact, the bed should be a place to feel the peace and tranquility.

4. Do not worry about sleep.
Worrying about sleep is not productive even only produce more stress, anxiety and insomnia.

5. Do not force yourself to sleep.
Many people like to force myself to sleep because the next day to do something important. "I have to sleep, I have to sleep," the phrase uttered many times in the liver was not drowsy and fell asleep. The harder he tried, even more difficult. Try to make suggestions number 1: relax!

6. Suspend delay!.
In general, we like to delay the work with the motto: "If you can tomorrow, why should be done today." As a result some people become difficult or not sleeping soundly because the mind is still left in the job, it takes discipline.

Make a list of what should be done that day, do not forget to set the time.
Finish what you start. Leaving the job half-finished can be difficult for you to relax before bed. Sometimes also make lazy to finish the next day.
Hold the promise to finish the job on time. Make a schedule and stick to what you had planned.

7. Do not obsess about the dream.
The dream is controversial. There are scientists thought the dream is an expression of the unconscious. The others only consider a dream as a random thought that comes into the brain and has no meaning. Therefore, the meaning of dreams mengenalisis absolutely no use. Clearly, having a dream and can recall is a sign we do not sleep soundly.

8. Early sports practice.
Sports memamg necessary but if it is near bedtime will make you not able to rest comfortably. Sports not only make us feel tired, but the body organs such as brain, heart and others will be stimulated to be active, so take time to cool down. Early exercise, if possible the morning, 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week.

9. Be careful with caffeine.
Caffeine contained in coffee and black tea we drink is common in the morning or late afternoon. Even as the opinion that coffee does not affect anything, sometimes people drink coffee at bedtime. In fact, there is an unconscious effect, that is to be tired when waking up. Unfortunately, people then try to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion and lack of fresh coffee. This is nothing more than a vicious circle resulting in bodily injury. Do not drink caffeine at least six hours before bedtime. Do not underestimate kefein on other products such as soft drinks, energy enhancer, and so on.

10. Eating snacks before bed.
Eating too full, if not make it difficult to sleep instead make sleepy. However, go to sleep hungry, too bad because it makes it difficult or sleeping soundly. Research shows eating previous quick and easy to make sleep more soundly. Do about 30 minutes before bedtime, but not on the bed. Avoid foods that contain MSG and caffeine.

11. Do not smoke.
Smoking not only will damage the health, but also make you awake. Research shows heavy smokers have a higher risk of experiencing insomnia than nonsmokers.

12. Do not drink and sleep.
There are times when alcohol is helping people to sleep. However, alcohol will make them wake up in the middle of the night, adding portions of drinking, and ultimately reap the various diseases, including respiratory disturbance. Do not choose alcoholic beverages to sleep. Choose other relaxation techniques.

13. Kakilah walk in the morning.
You may not have difficulty to sleep soundly. However, you may not know that walking in the morning can help get a good sleep quality. Why? This is a series of formation of your biological clock. Like the bedtime ritual, walk, or ride a bike can be formed when the body rhythms to sleep and wake up.

Source: from various sources.


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