Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15 Step Weight Loss

Weight problem is a very complicated problem and is often questioned by patients who are currently overweight. Being overweight is a nightmare for some people, especially for those who are concerned appearance. Obesity will also deplete a person's self confidence that will affect that person's career. Here are 15 steps that can be followed to control weight.

1. "I must be!" Instill three words in your self as a first step. Although facing many temptations come, provided you always remember that you should be able to lose weight then you have to be on the right track. Make people who have lost weight as your motivator for menundukan temptations that come.

2. Breakfast is a must do. Do not ever leave the house in the morning without touching anything to eat this food because it will give you enough energy for all day activities. No need for breakfast foods that are heavy weight, enough bananas, yogurt, cereal, bread etc. for snacks that contain plenty of fiber and protein will give you a sense of full until lunch time.

3. Take a moment to read the nutritional content in food packaging. To note here is the calories for this substance is very role in increasing your weight when consumed in excess. Customize your energy needs / your calories in a day with a note that stated in the container.

4. Do not do diet. For the short term it would diet you lose weight, but if you stop the diet your weight will increase again. Eating strange foods to your diet odd or reduce some types of food will not make your weight down. The important thing to do is choose a balanced diet according to nutritional value your body needs calories eaten that will be utilized optimally.

5. Always eat regularly. A unique body will decrease metabolism when he was hungry, this is certainly not good for weight-loss process. To avoid these two make a daily diet and routine you can do every day. Make sure your eating schedule is at least 3 times a day.

6. Expand fiber consumption. Fiber is very important to keep the body healthy. Fibers that we eat day to day functions to help lower cholesterol and facilitate the emptying of the digestive tract. Fiber can also accelerate satiety thus naturally reducing portion sizes that are not useful. Most of the fibers have a high water content and low calorie foods that fit with what we need to lose weight.

7. Healthy food has always been the main choice. Choose foods that contain less saturated fat. Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Choose a vegetable oil as a source of fat because they contain unsaturated fats in the high portion. Eating foods that contain lots of Omega 3 as fish.

8. Sports. Customize your sport you choose with your body condition. One sports a healthy, inexpensive and can be done by everyone is on foot. Walk at least 5 miles a day. Try always to increase the distance you walk. Remember, exercise not only your weight but also makes your body more healthy.

9. Dispose of snacking habits at night. Snacking at night will destroy your efforts to lose weight because the calories you eat after dinner will be buried in the body. Brushing your teeth after dinner helped you to reduce the desire to snack.

10. Expand protein consumption. Eat foods that contain large amounts of protein will make your belly full in a few hours, thereby reducing your need for food containing high calories.

11. Discard bad habits that make your weight increase and replace them with healthier habits. For example replace the sugar you use to make coffee with low-calorie sugar, avoid eating fried foods and more.

12. Make the people around you as a motivator. They will help you to give encouragement when someday you experience boredom with weight-loss program you are doing.

13. Write down any developments that happen to you as long as you follow a weight-loss program. If you need to compare your achievements to the achievement of your friends who do similar programs. This is both a motivator in achieving your goal to lose weight.

14. Drink enough. Some nutritionists say that drinking enough then you will avoid excessive eating. It is advisable to drink water 6 to 8 glasses a day.

15. Do you want to lose weight and make the body healthy? For that, never turn away from your real goal is to lose weight. Remember always to motivate myself so that the goals you want to be reached.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Easily Reduce Calories

How easy way to lose weight without we realize? Real easy. Change your diet just another food or eating food remains the same, just a way to cultivate a different course.

Never in a show on Oprah's show the experiences of people lose weight. One of them by reducing the calories in common foods diasup. For example, if you're used to eating beef burgers as much as two servings, replace it with one serving containing vegetable burgers. That way you are reducing your calorie intake from beef.

Besides this way, there are 10 simple ways to reduce calorie intake from dietary foods daily, as quoted by Good Health \x26 Medicines.

1. Change omelet, scrambled, or the eyes of a cow with a boiled egg.
"Eggs helps the body feel full and keep you from feeling full longer within. There is evidence, eat protein with a small amount of carbohydrate such as a piece of toast will help the body's cells begin to use fat for the day, "said Jane Barnes, nutrition and diet consultant. Research shows that proteins (and protein-rich egg) can also be maintain blood sugar levels and helps prevent you really cherished food cravings.

How many calories are reduced? Boiled eggs contain 290 kJ of energy, or about 69.6 calories, egg 400 kJ or 96 calories, scrambled egg creams without the addition of 520 kJ or 124.8 calories. For extra taste, do not forget to add a little fresh pepper.

2. Change such as salad dressing or mayonnaise, thousand island with olive oil.
When you use quality materials balk taste like extra-virgin olive oil, you tend to eat less, says nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton. Many people do tend to take excessive salad dressing.
Do not eat salad without oil. "A little oil will help you absorb nutrients from the vegetables on a salad," he said.

Problem cider vinegar, according to Barnes, "Just a myth that some say could dissolve fat. Vinegars apples lower blood sugar levels, which means you are less likely to overload the system."

How many calories are reduced? One tablespoon of commercial dressings contain 500 kJ or 120 calories, while a little olive oil with balsamic vinegar around 200 kJ or 48 Cal. To add flavor, add garlic, Cabal, or herb.

3. Replace Muffin with beans
"In the 16 study respondents were given nuts, none of them are gaining weight," said Dr. Stanton. Nuts can satisfy their hunger, so you tend to eat something less. Barnes added, "A small amount of nuts can help the body use fat. In addition, nuts contain good fats." Muffins are sold in stores are usually high-calorie bread because "wrapped" sugar and fat that does not balk.

How many calories can be reduced? Ten grains of walnuts contain 380 calories or 95 kJ. Compare with a muffin containing 1500 kJ or 360 calories!

Even so, Barnes recommends that you do not eat too many beans. Just a little portion and put in your bag lunch at.
4. Replace cheddar with fetta cheese
Fetta contain less fat than cheddar cheese and other hard cheeses. However, as Barnes explains, "The cheese can be an effective way to lose weight because they contain calcium and good source of protein. Recent research shows that these two nutrients are important to allow the use of fat. No matter how low intake of calories, if you do not enough protein and calcium in the cell, you can not spend the excess fat.

How many calories are reduced? A total of 30 g of cheddar cheese contains 500 kJ (120 calories), while fetta only 300 kJ (72 calories).

5. Replace butter with low-fat margarine
"You'll get fat better balanced, choosing to increase the monounsaturated fat and more healthful double than saturated fats in butter," Barnes said. You'll save quite a lot of calories and learn to appreciate less fat.

How many calories are reduced? A total of 10 g of butter contains 300 kJ (72 calories), whereas light margarine only about 175 kJ (42 calories). You could try sunflower margarine or canola oil which provides essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

6. Replace sugar with cinnamon
"Cinnamon contains capsinoid, which is also found in chili peppers and chili, and is expected to help stimulate the body's metabolic rate," says Barnes. U.S. researchers have also found that cinnamon can help control blood sugar levels in those affected by diabetes type 2.

How many calories are reduced? A teaspoon of sugar contains 85 kJ (20.4 calories), while the cinnamon 40 kJ (9.6 calories). Cinnamon can be sprinkled on boiled fruit or porridge.

7 Replace full-fat milk with low fat milk
"Not only can reduce calories, you also can increase calcium intake," said Barnes. Usually on low-fat milk add a little skim milk which will improve the flavor.

How many calories are reduced? A total of 250 ml full fat milk has 690 calories or approximately kJ (165.6 calories), while 450 kJ of skim milk (108 calories).

8. Replace cereal or corn chips with a low-fiber high-fiber
"The more fiber they contain, the longer the stay in the full sense of the body," Dr. Stanton. A U.S. study showed, those who ate cereal with a higher fiber consuming less than the low-fiber breakfast mengasup.

How many calories are reduced? One cup of cornflakes with milk for 730 calories contributed kJ (175.2 calories), whereas corn chips with low-fat milk 590 kJ (141.6 calories). You can add a banana to increase the fiber in cereal.

9. Replace the pasta with the soup.
There is research from Penn State University who says that the liquid appetizers like vegetable soup will make you feel full. As a result, you will consume fewer calories in whole foods.

How many calories are reduced? A serving of spaghetti bolognese 2720 kJ (652.8 calories), while one cup minestrone about 1045 kJ (250.8 calories).

Easier for you to eat vegetable soup, made large daiam on weekends, then freeze in individual servings. So so hungry, you can warm up the soup. More healthy, right?

10. Replace full-fat yogurt with yogurt without a sense of low-fat plus fresh fruit.
Some yogurt contains probiotics which helps absorption of calcium and probiotics are also good for intestinal health. Unfortunately, full-fat yogurt will add extra calories. That is why low-fat yogurt can be chosen. To add flavor, can be included fresh fruit.

How many calories are reduced? Full-fat yogurt with a weight of 200 g containing 1.000 kJ (240 calories). Compare with yogurt without a sense of low-fat with the addition of 5 grains of strawberries has only 560 kJ (134.4 calories).

Not too difficult to reduce calories, right?

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