Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anti-cholesterol foods

To control high cholesterol is not to be the method of nutritional therapy, which is to eat foods that enough antikolesterol found in everyday life. You can replace bad fats with healthy fats. Eating plant foods may increase intake of vegetable protein lowers cholesterol efficacious excess. Want to know what foods are antikolesterol? Check out the tips below are taken from various sources.

1. Mushrooms.
Rich in chromium, a mineral that helps break down fats into simpler compounds, ie fatty acids. This activity helps shrink the fat bad (LDL), and increase levels of good fats (HDL). Another source of chromium is nuts, like almonds, peanuts, cashews, and almonds.

2. Kwaci bargaining.
So far we Sepelekan pumpkin seeds, whereas abundant copper. Low dietary copper intake is associated with increasing levels of bad LDL cholesterol, and lack of good cholesterol HDL. Kwaci eat regularly, especially the fresh, good seeds and pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds.

3. Lime.
Among the various types of citrus, lime or lemon is the most contain flavonoids. These compounds can inhibit excessive LDL produkdi reducing risk of heart attack. Flavonoids can also be found in tea, broccoli, tomato, soybean, onion like layers of onion and onions and pomegranates.

4. Apple.
A lot of soluble fiber found in apples is a source betaglukan (beta glucan). In the body, contributes betaglukan control of cholesterol absorption and production. Another source of papaya, the fruit was eaten with the skin (apples and pears), carrots, peas and vegetables, legumes in general (bean, Winged bean, and green beans), dried beans (green beans, red beans, and Tolo beans), and red rice.

5. Tuna.
Sources of fatty acids including omega-3 is popular, other than salmon and mackerel. Omega-3 in particular to protect the body against rising levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

6. Local guava red.
Just like watermelon red and red tomatoes, red guava locally rich in lycopene. Lycopene had a role in controlling the production of cholesterol.

7. Avocado.
Pantothenic acid is the most prominent compounds in avocados that acts reduce blood cholesterol levels.

8. Tempe.
Food is plentiful people fitokimiawi isoflavone compounds that are antikolesterol. Many are also found in tofu and soy milk.

9. Peanut.
Peanut skin, which is skinned peanuts are roasted in the oven. This abundance of snacks and healthy fats rich in vitamin E, which can 'lock' free radicals that damage is not bad LDL cholesterol, so the formation of plaque in blood vessel walls can be avoided and prevent heart attacks.

10. Mango.
Vitamin C is found in many mango. Other sources: starfruit, various types of citrus (grapefruit, tangerines, etc.), kedondong, papaya, rambutan, strawberry, and kiwi. Vitamin C prevents oxidized LDL bad cholesterol, so avoid the formation of plaque in blood vessel walls.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 Tips for your healthy busy.

When you include people who do not have much time but want to stay healthy, you do not need to spend some special time for exercise. Here are 10 tips to stay healthy:

1. Many Do not Moves Lazy!
Up and down stairs is a healthier choice than using the elevator or escalator. Or, instead of telling other people, cut the grass in the yard. Move the limbs do not have to go to the gym.

2. Reduce Fat.
Avoid eating high fat foods such as fries, burgers and the like (such as ham, salami, ribs). If you want to consume cheese, milk and cream, low fat pilihlahh that. Beans, meat sandwiches, mayonis, butter, margarine and sauces should be eaten in limited amounts.

3. Stop Smoking.
In a cigarette there are more than 4000 substances that harm the body. In addition to smoke also makes your teeth yellow, smelling body and your face looks dull.

4. Reduce Stress.
One recommended by experts to reduce stress is to think positive. Try these tips: spend 30 minutes a day to do something you like. Could talk with friends, listening to music, watching movies or reading books. Or go to the salon to luluran, facial or creambath.

5. Protect Yourself and pollution.
Although difficult to do in Jakarta, try to avoid a room full of cigarette smoke, traffic jam and exercising near busy roads. Instead of a walk to the mall, better gardening in the front yard.

6. Always use seat belts.
Statistics show seat belts add to long life and prevent additional injuries during the accident. Let's fasten your seatbelts.

7. Clean the teeth with Dental Floss.
A recent study found a close connection between long life and dental floss, although the cause is unknown. Perhaps it is caused by people who clean the teeth with dental floss tend to be more aware of the meaning of health than those who did not.

8. Avoid Excessive Alcoholic Beverages.
Research shows that a glass of wine a day (two drinks for men) can prevent heart attacks. More than that can cause liver disease, kidney disease and cancer.

9. Keep Mentally Positive.
Get used to smiling. There was a positive relationship between health and appearance are always cheerful.

10. Determine Your Own Destiny.
The relationship between genetics and health very closely. Not only because one of your parents or even both died at a young age because of illness such as diabetes. You also will meet the fate. Your lifestyle determines more of your health status

Source: from various sources.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

7 healthy lifestyle

To be healthy, people need two things: the government is wise and orderly pattern of healthy living. To understand patterns of healthy life, people do not have to be a doctor. Healthy insights gained from reading, listening and watching the health description. Here are some of them.

People like to say, "I am not afraid of pain because I have money to menyembuhkanya". The mind is not completely true. Strategy wise it really is not. Then what?

Not all healing can be bought with money, but not all diseases can be healed without leaving a disability or weakness. Our attitude toward the threat of disease, arifnya berikthiar not to fall ill and it is still possible to do.

There is a story of a miliader'd give half his treasure to restore his heart condition who was already sick. Unfortunately, the entire property were unable to repair his heart disease because it is damaged, no amount of money could not recover. From there we learn that the necessary investment to health, not just cost.

The disease itself there are two groups. Which can be prevented and sebetuknya not have happened, and the diseases that must be accepted only (gene disorders, congenital defects), but can be tamed. A person's body can handle both at once.

However, too large seberap threat of disease, from knowing how the disease should not undermine the economic, physical, and spiritual. Ideals that, it is not impossible we could achieve.

All diseases can be prevented really do not need to happen if we want berikthiar. However, half lebuh emerging diseases everyday is actually kind of unnecessary. Just because we do not understand the tricks, including understanding nutrisim prevent infection, and allow environmental damage to the body, which do not have to happen that turned out to undermine us.

One ikthiar it is obedience to run sikpa healthy lifestyle. The most popular healthy tips done by taking seven personal habits (nadra B. Bellock and Lester Breslow): (1) personal hygiene (2) getting enough sleep; (3) adequate food; (4) do not forget breakfast; (5) maintain weight ideal; (6) exercising regularly; (7) stay away from cigarettes.

1. Personal Hygiene
Even in developed countries was about the correct hand washing is still necessary rearranged. Why? Because of that hand washing is not really produced many potential health problems. Without washing hands properly, we become ill who did not have to happen.

Not enough merely touched the water, washed his hands of the right to soap. Most of us, instead of washing his hands in a healthy, often touching confectionary or sat at the table before the hand perfectly washed.

If no clean hands, stomach diseases (faecal-oral) appears. SARS cases, including endangered, bird flu, influenza (could be derived daari fingers touching the elevator buttons, door handles, phone, furniture in public places, money, shaking hands). The fingers need to be made of the possibility of contaminated steil like that.

Germs and viruses from everywhere generally comes from outside enter the body through food, minuma, nostril (nose), biting fingers, no spoon feeding, or food and drink alone (food court, restaurants, shops rice) was contaminated with germs from early due to manufacturer or unhygienic penyajinya (average derived from a hawker food-drink raw or hot).

Seedling diseases can also come from clothing, shoes, slippers, hair, after traveling out of the house. Especially if just returned from public places, markets, hospitals, malls, public transportation. It is important for cleaning up every time out traveling. Outer clothing swap and do not take him to the bedroom.

Familiarize emergency travel home and sepat sandals left outside the room, if necessary, immediately flush the hair (if you do not want to wash my hair) because the parts that all the germs from the air, the floor, probably already attached.

Need to wash hands to the arms, and the skin surface in contact with anything for the outdoors, and wash the face, including nostril cleaning with soapy water. In parts it possible for the germs outside the home is attached.

That way it attacks any kind of flu and the threat of all respiratory diseases and digestive tract can be defeated. The cost of flu or diarrhea cure is not how, but our daily activities become interrupted. Itupun if not up to the pulmonary complications-ray, sinusitis, congek or dehydration, so must go to the hospital. There was no mercy when the SARS and bird flu attack.

2. Enough sleep
The need to sleep an average of about 7-8 hours. Even the mere quantity, more quality sleep after. Disturbed sleep or no sleep is part penyakut emergency number. Can cause physical illness, more often because of mental illness. However, due to work activities or serve on entertainment and self-satisfaction (stay up watching TV), people tend to be lack of sleep.

Sleep important part of the body to restore energy, in addition to replacing worn parts or damaged. Not just a good night, now revealed kalauorang also need a nap, recent studies reveal that. In addition to fit, make a long nap age also. Apart from the disease, unhealthy sleep well when bedding and pillows did not meet the health standaar. Disturbance back, neck, thus waking up bugarm not be because of the mattress or pillow to sleep that was not eligible.

To obtain a healthy sleep, get used to the scheduled hours of sleep. Our bodies can be set for all the daily schedule, so that the machine working order, including the schedule of waking up, meals, respite, and sexual activity as well.

3. Eat three meals a day
Our health is determined by what we eat, too. Not only the frequency, the adequacy of the body all the nutrients will be fulfilled erlu portion. The more varied daily menu, the more adequate nutrient adequacy. The body needs about 40 of the jebis nutrients. Some are essential or could not be provided by the body, but must come from food.

We need to eat three times a day. However, if our daily diet and back-it's only just longer (monodiet), the adequacy of the body all the nutrients are not met.

Not all portions of each have the right nutrients, the quality of the menu also determine whether or not fulfilled our body nutrition. When classified waste daily menu (junk food, fast food menu), and consumption goes on, long-body will kelaman malnutrition. Symptoms of modern people undernourished happening now, It's the food supplement products healthy-growing flood minman offered. If we do not mistakenly select the menu.

In addition to cigarette smoke, the wrong menu could be the biggest cause of cancer. The menu is wise proportional to each nutrient the body needs, from fresh ingredients that option., No preservatives, flavorings, colorings, artificial sweeteners (dangerous), and not consumed in excess.

So do not just enough to meet all the nutritional value when the menu contains hazardous substances. Whatever vegetables we consume are not contaminated with pesticides sprayed, so people should choose organic crops are free of pesticides. Is dikulit fruit we left gerogot no chemical preservatives. What color substances, flavorings, and pengawetnya not dangerous, and the measures to be allowed?
In addition to our paakah processed correctly? What we like to eat pickles, salted fish, white rice (SOSOH), water containing high nitrate, or oncom, nuts, mushrooms contaminated with aflatoxin maker?

Danger kaerna luxurious menu contains high fat, flour and sugar excessive, wasteful of salt, but low in carbohydrates and less fiber, in addition to the dangers of spices, flavorings, preservatives, and dyes and other harmful chemicals.

Luxurious menu menu also comes from processed, artificial plant look more attractive, tasty, but bad temper for health. Menu fast food restaurants, tend to become fat as a source of calories.

Over half of the portion of calories provided by fat in the daily menu of modern man. In fact, the soundness of the greatest number of calories derived from carbohydrates (rice, cassava, maize, cassava). In addition, restaurant menus and menu of luxury goods generally tend not fresh. In addition to processed too long, long raw materials stored, preserved, and damaged by the heating process for cooking.

Until old age the body's protein needs terys. Animal protein and vegetable protein. Therefore animal protein comes from red meat (beef, lamb, pork) much fat, protein, obtained from healthy fish (chicken, rabbit, turkey belonging to the white meat). Marine fish is better than fresh fish, because in addition to protein, fish oil omega-3 and omega-6 from the deep ocean (deep sea) quality as well as antikolesterol.

Luxury menu of meat tend to choose the more expensive imports, although not as more healthful fat. Within a day, a luxury menu contains an average sperlima chicken or meat cut setera, and it was not healthy.

Modern sugar consumption tends to increase, on average 25 kg / capita / year. The Americans, Australians, and Cuba even reached 60 kg / capita / year. Excessive sugar consumption is certainly not healthy because it makes overweight (obesity), aggravate diabetes and other metabolic diseases classified as "diseases of civilization", namely heart disease, cancer, intestinal disorder diverticulitis, or stomach cancer.

Besides too sweet, too extravagant fancy menus kitchen salt. The average salt consumption of our menu sepupuh times the body needs. Could be that's why cases of hypertension increased among devotees lavish menu, in addition to diabetes tails too. We know that obesity triggers diabetes, in addition to the rise payudaram prostate cancer, or colon.

Why? Because luxury menu (which the average high processed refined diet) will change the flora (bacteria residents) gut, and damage the digestive substances, which turned into a trigger cancer (carcinogenic). The same thing happens when we are often constipated.

If feces is more so in the intestine, colon bacteria the opportunity to change the substance there be karsiogenik. Lack of fiber (fiber) in the daily diet of modern man to make the average person to be high rates of constipation and gut cancer.

High-fat menu also changes the composition of intestinal bacteria, which turned into the substance of the triggers karsiogenik colon cancer. High-fat menu also changes the balance of sex hormones in the body, so that the body more sensitive to spark breast cancer.

We know, modern daily menus tend to use a mixture of chemicals such as formaldehyde, aspartame, saccharin, aspartame, artificial flavorings, other than dye (textiles rhodamin B), a bad effect on health. The effect may not be immediately obvious, but the carcinogenic nature kumlatif after a few tens of years of consumption.

Our health is determined by the contents of the family dinner table, but by habit snack or choose a restaurant menu. Case of civilization diseases doubled chin (double chin), because of the restaurant menu is more hooked than the home menu, the more indeed simple and natural a menu should be chosen for the healthy.

4. Breakfast like a prince menu
Yes. Breakfast should be more complete than just filling the stomach belakan. Why? The body needs nutrients in order to complete the work machine body was weak all day. Lack of protein, minerals, and essential nutrients that the body needs from breakfast, had been replaced by lunch and dinner if breakfast improvise.

For your body shape, it needs a full breakfast and adequate (balanced diet). Daily performance will be lower if not for breakfast or just a rudimentary breakfast, including children in school achievement.

5. Maintaining ideal weight
Weight loss always maintained that ideal. Parameter excess or shortage of food seen ups and downs of weight loss. To find your ideal weight can be calculated by Body Mass Index formula. BMI = weight (kg) divided by height (M). The index ranges from 22-25. More than 25 considered overweight and less than 20 votes skinny.
Someone will get fat when excess calories. Excess calories does not necessarily have sufficient nutrients when the menu is not considered a balanced diet. Obese but malnourished often now. It's called that most of the menu calories derived from fat plush (fried foods, lard, coconut milk), whereas the traditional menu from excess eating rice (sweet, ketelah, corn, sago).

6. Exercising regularly
No need to exercise special, just move the body. Walking is still considered the best. It's not easy to walk, but scrambled (Brisk walking), with a rate of 100 meters / min or 6 km / h, for 4-50 minutes, 5-6 times a week. Or if the menu aerobiknya calculated values, measured from the pulse. Judged sufficient if achieved value of 6-80 percent (220-age), with due regard to the condition, and the presence or absence of disease (heart, diabetes).

Sports and moving the body does not heal the blood vessels that had already corroded fat (ateroklerosis), candidate pipeline blockage of coronary arteries or the brain. Corrosion process of fat that's been going on since an early age, decades when the blood fat (lipid profile) in the high let (cholesterol).

7. No smoking
Classified as carcinogenic smoke strong. Modern people get cancer risk from cigarette smoke and fancy menus. There is no way to reduce the risk of cancer from smoking than to quit smoking. Not even choosing cigarettes with mild type.

Create a heart, go smoke damage the cardiovascular, hypertension high adders, and effects only taste good fresh (brain stimulation). Smoking is one risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
Passive smokers as heavy, if not heavier than current smokers. Need to set up a special room to smoke in any public places. We also contaminated thousands of substances and gases in the air. Smoke and coal soot when stuffed with a mixture of sulfur, car fumes, gases CO, tumah black (lead), in addition to ozone, and acid rain (sulfur contamination effect).

So, when obedience to live a healthy lifestyle is high since his youth, and now it's not too late to start, both diseases that do not have to happen or if exposed to bringing talent and penyakut metabolic degeratif, do not need to happen to us. Thanks to diabetes and high blood might not have appeared. Similarly, if talented uric acid.

With patterned lifelong healthy living, there is a bonus awarded a longer life for our lives. Not only did not die prematurely and can achieve a longer life, but also as the ideals of people in developed countries today, but also long-lived stay healthy (healthy aging).

Source: From various sources.

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